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The Codger’s Crossword

Good morning, dear readers. You know what one of the best ways to get your brain racing in the morning is? It’s doing a Sudoku. But in the event that your local daily doesn’t carry Sudoku, odds are that it probably carries a crossword puzzle. Heck, even the free newspapers usually have one, so why shouldn’t my “lifestyle column”? Well, now it does. Presenting…The Codger’s Crossword. Here are the clues:


1. Host of “Swift Justice with Nancy Grace”

2. Peggy of “The Waltons”

3. The year I moved away from home

4. What my grandson Max blows for a living

5. The common-law Mrs. Codger’s first name


1. The breed of cat that I’ve been domesticating

2. What I like to spend my time doing

3. A bad kind of person

4. A kind of motor home: Winn(blank)go

5. What you put on your pizza pie if you’re a real American and not a hippie

6. “Dempsey (blank) Makepeace”

Until next time!


The Codger