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The Codger’s Crossword

Good morning, dear readers. You know what one of the best ways to get your brain racing in the morning is? It’s doing a Sudoku. But in the event that your local daily doesn’t carry Sudoku, odds are that it probably carries a crossword puzzle. Heck, even the free newspapers usually have one, so why shouldn’t my “lifestyle column”? Well, now it does. Presenting…The Codger’s Crossword. Here are the clues:


1. Host of “Swift Justice with Nancy Grace”

2. Peggy of “The Waltons”

3. The year I moved away from home

4. What my grandson Max blows for a living

5. The common-law Mrs. Codger’s first name


1. The breed of cat that I’ve been domesticating

2. What I like to spend my time doing

3. A bad kind of person

4. A kind of motor home: Winn(blank)go

5. What you put on your pizza pie if you’re a real American and not a hippie

6. “Dempsey (blank) Makepeace”

Until next time!


The Codger


The Codger Plays Bros Icing Bros

Hello again, loyal readers. As I have often written about here, I am growing a victory garden in my back yard, and yesterday, like all days, I went out to tend it. While I was busy trying to prop up the rebar trellis I made by pouring cement mix into the foundation – a process we have all recently learned is called a “top kill”—I noticed that my brand new pop up trailer was popped up into the “up” position, which is certainly not how I left it when I parked it there. I went over to investigate, and I heard music playing inside. Well, if the trailer is rocking, The Codger is knocking.

It turns out that there are three young people, two boys and a girl, living inside my camper, and that my grandniece Tricia had invited them to live there. She was inside the trailer too, but she lives in my house and was just visiting the trailer. She explained that they didn’t have anywhere else to go because they didn’t have supportive parental figures (such as myself). Two of them are a nice teenage couple: The girl is expecting a baby, and the poor guy said he just got kicked out of the Army because it downsized. D@mn economy! And then the oldest one is an artist of some sort, and you know artists don’t make much money. Certainly not enough to pay rent on a house. What kind of adult would I be if I did not support such a nice young couple and the arts by giving them all a place to stay for now?

Now that all that was settled, and I gave them all my blessing, the oldest one (the artist) handed me a Smirnoff Ice and told me that I’d been “iced” and had to drink it. Of course I knew that he was talking about the popular new game called Bros Icing Bros, because I just read all about it on a blog. It’s so popular that it even has its own blog (in addition to all the other blogs that people write about it). It seems most popular amongst college kids, but nowhere does it say there’s an age limit on who can play. As far as I’m concerned, it’s good, clean fun for all ages. I’m thinking of “icing” him back by disguising a bottle of Smirnoff Ice inside a fruit basket.

Until next time!


The Codger