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Celebrating My 204th Anniversary

Ahoy, dear readers. In my haste to bring you all the latest and greatest news, I neglected to celebrate the 200th article of this “lifestyle column”. That is why today I will be observing the 204th anniversary of this Blog with a retrospective of some of my finest works since my last centennial anniversary (100th).

I called for greater curb appeal in my neighborhood:

I got ready to build my Space Needle addition to my house:

I had an oil spill in my kitchen and was forced to fry up my home-grown shrimp before they were fully grown:

My grandniece Tricia announced her pregnancy:

I blessed you with The Codger’s Guarantee:

I had a terrible weekend at Brian and Tammy’s beach house:

I wrote a Live Blog of my daily routine:

Tricia and her friends returned to live with me. What a happy day:

I tried to get those Pickers from the television to come to my house:

I wrote a delightful screenplay:

I told you to smelt down your silver, and you listened:

Until next time!


The Codger


Hiram Gets a New Car; I Prepare for My 100th Anniversary

I bid you a wonderful day, loyal readers. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday evening when my old buddy Hiram dropped by (dropped by my house, not my “lifestyle column”, since he’s not on the Internet yet). Nine times out of ten he calls first, but yesterday I heard a honk from in front of my house. I figured it was just Derek and his friends racing their cars down my street, but it’s a good thing I went to investigate, because it was my buddy Hiram.

He was sitting behind the wheel of a beautiful, brand new silver Sebring, or what I thought was a brand new Sebring. It turned out that it was a 2002, but you would have no idea because it is in pristine condition. Immaculate, and loaded up with all the power options: power locks, power windows, power brakes, the works. The previous owner had really taken fantastic care of that car. Hiram said that he had just gotten a great deal on it, and he wanted to take me out for a drink to celebrate. So off we went to that bar across from the gymnasium. I had always avoided that bar because it looks like the kind of place that only carries that cheapo brand, Well gin, but surprisingly, they had the good stuff.

In case you haven’t been keeping track, tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of this here “lifestyle column” (From the desk of The Codger): It will be my 100th article I’ve blogged on the Internet. Join me, The Codger, for a very special column in recognition of my tremendous achievements here tomorrow at

Until next time!


The Codger