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xx the morning after xx w/ m-fixie

Hey dudes, chillax, M-Fixie’s herre for you. My grandpa called me yesterday and said he wanted to go to the store this morning, and he didn’t think he’ll have enough time to crank out a blog post on top of that. He asked if I would guest blog so I said sure. I can’t believe my grandpa’s stuck to blogging for this long. I guess some people just find their true callings l8r in life. WTG, grandpa!

Now I know you’ve all been asking what’s going down w/ me. I’m just letting it all happen, yo. Living! Just living! Living life! It’s amazing. Always remember that life is amazing. Sometimes you just gotta step back, take a shot of tequila, take a deep breath, smoke a blunt, and open your eyes. Me and CJ got a loft together, it’s tight. We got this huge ass poker table off Craigslist and that makes it feel like a true Man Cave. CJ got the awesome idea that we should do a performance art piece together so that’s what we’re working on now. It’s a commentary about the state of being a young man in modern society and how hard it is. The only thing is there’s a little artistic nudity in it, but def nothing worse than you see in softcore. Those c@cktease girls who live upstairs are exactly the kind of people who need to see our performance art, but they would probably never get it. CJ’s cousin works at a gallery and they might let us do our performance there when we’ve got it ready, prob not for a couple weeks. Pax out,

Xx m-fiXie xX