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The Intervention Was A Success

A good Monday morning to you out in the audience today. Well, you can all breathe a heavy sigh of relief. I told you last week that my friend Billy’s grandson Haydon was addicted to drugs. It turns out that he actually spells his name “Hayden”, but that’s his parents’ doing, not his. And he’s not addicted to drugs. It was all a big misunderstanding.

It turns out that Billy confronted Haydon about his irritability and his erratic behavior. He also showed him that intervention video I found for him. Well, Haydon finally stood up for himself and told the truth: He’s not addicted to drugs. But he does enjoy, as he put it himself, “huffing down” large quantities of whipped cream.  

Billy gave me a call because he was still concerned, but I put his fears to rest. Growing boys need all the calories they can get, even if they come from so-called “junk foods” like whipped cream. Why, I remember as a young Codger spending hours at the local drug store counter ordering up ice cream sundae after ice cream sundae, and they were topped with loads of whipped cream. Mountains of the stuff! I told Billy that Haydon’s behavior is totally normal, and let me tell you: Was he ever relieved! I told him to be sure to stock his refrigerator with an extra can of whipped cream or two for the next time Haydon visits so he’ll feel right at home.

Until next time!


The Codger