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McMillan Lost the Election and Derek Was Arrested

Ahoy, dear readers. I apologize for not writing an article for you yesterday. The day started off on a bad note: I bought the local newspaper solely for the purpose of reading about the victory of my favored candidate, Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. I was quite alarmed to find that the newspaper didn’t make a single mention of him!

Undaunted, I took to the Internet for answers. I had to go all the way to the Google Search Engine to get answers! Can you imagine that? But here is the answer I found: McMillan lost the race. However, it was a close race and he received over 40,000 votes (thanks, in no small part I’m sure, to my “advertorial” Blogging efforts. With those kind of numbers, it looks like my whole town voted McMillan!). Next election, he might even run for mayor. Mr. McMillan, should you decide to run for office, you have my vote (again).

But then the news got even worse. My grandniece Tricia called me from her cellular phone saying that the father of her upcoming baby, Derek, was in police custody and needed me to bail him out. Apparently there was a bit of a misunderstanding and a confused woman thought she caught him trying to steal her vehicle. Then the authorities showed up, and they misunderstood the entire situation and placed Derek under arrest. I believe they accused him of being some type of ninja (the dangerous type). Fortunately, he’s back home again now so he can help take care of Tricia, Jessica, and baby Nevaeh. If he had been stuck in jail, he wouldn’t have been able to clean their room today, which I asked him to do. It has become a bit messy.

Until next time!


The Codger