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There’s Nothing Like a Big Bowl of Piping Hot Groatmeal

Good morning, dear readers. Thank you for taking the time to spend some time with this round table discussion “lifestyle column” this morning. Did you get a load of my grandson Max’s ghost writing yesterday? It was dynamite! Now that’s some real talent there! I felt like I was reading a spooky Hallowe’en article written by myself, not by a ghost writer at all.

The next time your missus offers to make you a full breakfast, be sure you show her this Blog first: Health Food Made Easy. It’ll tell her everything she needs to know about the different kinds of oatmeal (that is, if she doesn’t buy you Dino Egg Oatmeal). Now that that blogger brought up the difference between the original Irish Oatmeal and those commonplace “Scottish Oats”, I’m convinced that the common-law Mrs. Codger doesn’t understand the difference (and thus, may be depriving me of some nutritional value). I’ll take the real Irish Oatmeal, thank you very much. The missus probably just saw “Scottish” in the name and bought it because she thought it was cheap.

Or better yet, I might go ahead and order up some whole oat “groats”. They say they’re more nutritional than even the Irish Oatmeal. It sounds like they’re hard to find, but thankfully, we have the internet. The Amazon bloggers are selling a canister with a special “Health Blend” of oats and groats, and it has an absolutely beautiful parakeet on the packaging:

I hope it gets here soon so I can turn to the missus and have her get me a nice big bowl of piping hot groatmeal.

Until next time!


The Codger