thinking what should i name my baby?

Hey guys, hm, what should I write about 2day? Hmhmhm??? So far im only wearing derek’s big hoodies cuz I don’t need maternity clothes yet, im not that big yet :P no stretch marks either. Hope I don’t get them bad like Jess did even tho i think i might since she had derek’s baby 2 and itll probs do the same thing 2 me. She cant even wear a bikiny since she had Nevaeh. Uuggh!! What do yall think of the name A’leah? I think its pretty. I don’t wanna go with the normal Aaliyah spelling because I want her to be special and unique, if shes a girl. If it’s a boy, do u like the name Chance or Jayden better. I kinda like Chance cuz I took a chance and now im gonna become a mommy with a amazing baby and boyfriend. Or maybe something that stars with a d since Derek’s the daddy!!! Contfidential to Derek~~Luv u baby, just cuz im preggo don’t mean we still cant have fun ;0 ~TRICIA PAGE~


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