I Heard a Terrible Rumor about a Fellow Senior Citizen

Good day to you, all my dear readers. Now I’m not one to go around spreading idle gossip, but I heard the most appalling rumor yesterday on the Internet. Someone said that the charming Australian entertainer Dame Edna is actually a man done up like a woman. I couldn’t believe it! The nerve!

I think it’s outrageous the way that the younger generation feels free to slander we old-timers solely on account of our advanced age. We might not look as young or as supple as we used to, but that doesn’t give them free rein to go around saying that we look like a member of the opposite sex! Besides, why would the Queen of England hand out the highly-coveted title of “Dame” to an imposter? That would never happen. I am sure the staff at Buckingham Palace conducts thorough background investigations of potential Dames to weed out any dubiously-qualified candidates.

Now that my grandniece Tricia is all settled in here at my house, I’ve asked her to “guest blog” for you tomorrow. If you’re lucky, she’ll talk about that baby she’s carrying. Or maybe she’ll talk about what she does all day. She really enjoys spending time at the mall with those friends of hers. She can do that because she’s put her studies on hold while she’s carrying the baby.

Until next time!


The Codger


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by hugh g. rection on October 15, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    hey trish, hugh here, looking forward to your vlog tomorrow.

    got my dick out


    • Tricia, I know you are out at the mall right now, but when you get home, be sure not to write any vlogs. I have a suspicion that this Mr. Rection fellow might work for one of those “techno-porns” that I’ve read about. I wouldn’t want someone taking advantage of you!

      Your Great Uncle


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