I Have an Upset Stomach

Good morning, dear readers. Or I should say that I hope you are having a good morning, because I certainly am not. I just got done making a batch of my famous Bicarbonate of Ovaltine Elixir on account of my upset stomach. The cause? I’m willing to bet that it was that dinner I went out to last night. Oh, that brings me to my good news: My grandson Max is home from California, and me and the missus wanted to take him out to a nice welcome home dinner (since his own parents didn’t even do that much). Of course, I let Max pick the place.

He selected a restaurant in the city that serves Indian cuisine. Not Native American Indian, but India Indian, from the foreign country. I’d never had that type of food before, so I went with the one dish on the menu that I knew: Chicken Marsala. No sense in taking chances on a dish when you might not like it.

The last time I had that Chicken Marsala, it came over spaghetti noodles, and there were mushrooms on it. But at this Indian restaurant, they made it different. It was in a spicy sauce, which didn’t sit well with me. But I ate it just so I wouldn’t offend the chef. I guess this means I won’t be moving to India any time soon!

Until next time!


The Codger


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