A Leak in my Pop Up Trailer

Nice to see you this morning (this statement applies to most of you). I must say, I’ve been on Cloud Nine the past few days having my grandniece Tricia living here again, along with her friends. And to think that it will only get better once Tricia and Derek’s baby arrives. I’m going to go down to the dollar store later today to start amassing a talcum powder hoard for the big arrival. Babies need a lot of talcum powder.

As you would know if you stuck your head outdoors or toward your computer (Weather Bug) yesterday, it was raining. At times, it was positively teeming (that’s what they call it when it’s raining hard). Tricia came in the house saying that their pop up trailer was leaking. I went outside to make repairs and found quite a sizeable hole in the roof. It turns out that while they had the trailer in Kansas, Derek had taken up a new hobby: He rolls his own homemade cigarettes and smokes them. Well, apparently he had a little accident and set the drapes on fire, which burned all the way up to the roof and made the hole.

How would Tricia be able to concentrate on her studies if there’s a hole in the roof letting water in every time it teems? She wouldn’t be, pure and simple as that. So I asked Tricia and Derek, Jessica, and Nevaeh to move into my house. That’s what the guest room is for. No one was using it anyway, so it was just going to waste. I just hope they’ll be comfortable. Those kids deserve nothing but the best, unlike so many young people these days who are more concerned with causing problems than solving them.

Until next time!


The Codger


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