The Codger Survives Childhood Illness

Good morning to you all, dear readers. Well now, I suppose you are all wondering why I wasn’t here with you yesterday. The answer is simple: My grandniece Tricia arrived yesterday, along with her housemates Derek and Jessica, and their newborn baby, Nevaeh. As soon as they got here, they came inside, where Nevaeh promptly vomited onto my computer.

It went everywhere: In between the keys and the buttons, into the speakers, into those buttons you can use instead of the mouse that I never use, into the paper clip storage compartment, into the disk slot, just everywhere. I cleaned it up as best I could, but by that point I thought it best to let the remainder dry on its own. And that’s what did the trick: I turned on my computer this morning, and it fired right up, just like usual. But as for yesterday, after the incident with Nevaeh’s vomiting, my creative process had been completely disrupted.

Not that I’m mad at Nevaeh, mind you, and you shouldn’t be either (even if she is the reason why you were deprived of your daily helping of The Codger’s pearls of wisdom, such as this very one you’re reading as we speak). This was my first time meeting Nevaeh, and I was very excited to meet her (since I’ve never met anyone else whose name was “Heaven” spelled backwards). Apparently she was a bit overly-excited to meet me. Perhaps her mother had read to her from my lifestyle column. I need to go spend some quality time with my new houseguests now.

Until next time!


The Codger


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