I Want to Go to Codger’s Cove

Good morning, dear readers. Have you ever longed for a place where a codger can be free to be a codger, regardless of what society thinks? I have. That is how I came across the Web site for a magical place…a place called Codger’s Cove: http://codgerscove.com/Index.htm. It’s like a Niagara Falls made for adults!

Ah, Codger’s Cove. I couldn’t have dreamt up a better name myself. And not only that, but it also has sewer, water, metered electric, and cable television! All the utilities a codger likes best! When it comes time to plan my vacation next year, I wonder if Codger’s Cove would send me on an all-expenses paid trip there. This is what is known by media pundits such as myself as a “junket”. But don’t let the name fool you: It’s anything but junk. Junket trips are an important way to get things reported about. Without them, the flow of news stories would dry right up.

When my grandniece Tricia gets here, I’ll be sure to show her the Codger’s Cove Web site. She’s getting here later today, so I have to go get ready. She and her friends have taken my pop up trailer all around the country, so perhaps she is already familiar with Codger’s Cove.

Until next time!


The Codger


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