The Codger Owns a Valuable Tiffany

Good morning, dear readers. As I was going through some boxes in the basement looking for my trusty old slumber bag—that’s what you call a light-duty sleeping bag: a slumber bag—I noticed a box over in the corner that I hadn’t opened in years. It was dark over there, so I reached to turn on the light. That light was a stained glass lamp…but could it be a Tiffany? Those are worth a lot of money. I knew that the first Mrs. Codger had purchased it, and she tended to buy expensive things (or at least that’s what my bank account indicated at the time!).

I looked on the bottom and thought I saw it said “(something) Tiffany”, so I hopped in my automobile and got myself to an antiques place. It turns out I was half right. The signature did say Tiffany, but it said Dale Tiffany. Apparently the really good ones are by Louis “Comfort” Tiffany (who I assume was Dale’s father). I told that appraiser, I said that lamp made my house feel plenty comfortable, whether it was made by “Comfort” himself or no. That was enough to sway her, as she then caved and told me that my lamp had decorative value. See here, I knew that lamp was valuable.    

Today I would like to close with a quote. It comes to us from beloved former presidential candidate Bob Dole: “Those who cultivate moral confusion for profit should understand this: We will name their names and shame them as they deserve to be shamed.” Do you hear that? Don’t go around cultivating moral confusion or Bob Dole is going to get you. And now that he’s out of the scrutiny of the microscope of the public eye, he probably has a lot more free time to go around doing it, too.

Until next time!


The Codger


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