My Grandniece Is Coming Back to Live Here

A tip of the hat to you this morning. Did you do anything of interest over the weekend? I spoke with my grandniece Tricia yesterday, and that was undoubtedly the high water mark of my own. Of course, it was wonderfully refreshing hearing her voice, but unfortunately, it seems like things aren’t going so well for her at home. I point the finger squarely at her parents.

The situation unfolded as follows: As you know, Tricia, her boyfriend (and father of her future child) Derek, Derek’s other girlfriend Jessica, and Nevaeh (Derek and Jessica’s newborn daughter) had been living in my pop up trailer, which they parked in Tricia’s parents’ yard. Tricia is working very hard to finish up her home school studies so she can enroll at the University of Phoenix. And she can just take the trailer out to Phoenix and live in it out there. That’s one of the big advantages of living in a trailer.

As Tricia explained to me, her parents happened upon Derek exiting their residence through the window carrying a bag of food and some of Tricia’s mother’s good jewelry. They got all bent out of shape and thought that he was stealing from them. The logical conclusion would’ve been to think that Derek was taking the jewelry by accident, but Tricia’s parents aren’t exactly the rational type. In fact, her mother was probably keeping her jewelry in with her foodstuffs for some strange psychological reason and Derek didn’t realize he was taking it.

I told Tricia that there was no need to explain, and that I understood fully. She said her parents evicted them from their yard, so she, Derek, Jessica, and Nevaeh took the trailer to the parking lot of one of those stores that stays open 24 hours a day. I never understood that type of store myself, but I know they exist. Well, Tricia said that as long as one of them is shopping at the store at any point in time, the police can’t make them leave the parking lot. I told Tricia, I said, “No, no no. That won’t do. You’ll be taking too much time away from your studies. You must come live here at my house again. You are always welcome here.” They should be here in only a few days, and I could not be more thrilled. I haven’t seen Tricia since I’ve known she’s been pregnant. I wonder how big she’s gotten!

Until next time!


The Codger


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