I am Using a Vacation Day

Glad tidings, dear readers. My carpal tunnel is acting up this morning, so I’m going to take the day off from Blogging. According to my calculations, I am owed 11.33333 vacation days from WordPress Corporate Headquarters, so I am going to use one of those days today. Not that I think it’s anything contagious, but being well-rested is essential to top-shelf job performance. That is why, rather than compromise the quality of this “lifestyle column”, I am taking the day off.

Had I known I was going to have the carpal tunnel this morning, I would have asked my grandson Max to guest blog for me; but since I didn’t, I did not think it would be polite to impose on him at the last moment. After all, he has his own life, and I have mine. He seems quite busy with his job as a pool boy out there in Los Angeles. He has such a creative spirit, and it does this Codger proud to know that he’s advancing his career while at the same time vacationing in the Sun Belt.

If my calendar is to be believed, the common-law Mrs. Codger’s birthday is coming up soon, so I’ve begun to give some thought to what I should get her. Most years I get her her absolute favorite, Triangle Perfume. I searched the entire Internet and found this picture of it:

I’m not sure why anyone would want to smell like a triangle, but if I don’t buy it for her, she’s just going to buy it for herself anyway. I might as well get credit where credit is due! I still might consult with my grandniece Tricia just to be on the safe side. Since she’s pregnant, she’s now officially a woman, so I think I’ll try turning to her for the female point of view.  

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. […] As I predicted, I decided to get her some of her favorite perfume, Triangle Perfume. After all that flooding, I had to rush out yesterday and pick some up at the store. We’re also going out to an intimate dinner at that expensive Starbucks café they just opened. Never tried it before, but I’ve heard about it. They say they have food and coffee, and the coffee is their specialty. And they’d better have dancing there. What kind of nicer restaurant doesn’t have dancing? […]


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