A Waltz Down Memory Lane

Good Friday morning, dearest readers. I remember when Fridays used to be set aside for dancing. Everyone would gather in whoever had the largest living room, then you would pull up the rug and dance right on the floorboards.

And it was good music too, not that nonsense they’re peddling nowadays. It was songs that were actually about something. I remember one day in 1959 when we had a dance. I believe it was at someone’s wedding. As the bride started marching down the aisle, we all stood up and the organist began playing Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop. Then the judges held up their paddles with their scores, and the winners went home with a room-full of real, American-made furniture and a supply of Geritol Vitamins.

I always liked that song, Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop. Brings back good memories like the time I heard it at a wedding. They even played it on the organ as the guests kept time by snapping their fingers. It was quite a hoot! Here it is playing at some type of event that is not a wedding. What memories does it bring back for you?

Until next time!


The Codger


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