A Viral Video That Won’t Hurt Your Computer

A fine morning from me to you. I certainly anticipate that my day today will be more routine than it was yesterday. As I recall, the very minute I sat down to eat my lunch, I got a call on the telephone (the house phone, not my cellular). It was the nurse at my granddaughter Fiona’s elementary school. As she explained, she had been unable to reach Fiona’s parents (probably because they have day jobs, unlike myself), and I was listed as the emergency contact in Fiona’s file. Fiona had taken ill at school and wanted to go home, and the nurse was calling me to inquire if I would be able to pick her up. How could I say no? Did I ever tell you why I call Fiona my “miracle granddaughter”? Why, yes I did.

By the time I picked up Fiona and brought her to my house, she was feeling quite a bit better. The test you have to do is to pinch the loose skin on the back of their hand. If it snaps back quickly, they’re fine. But if it doesn’t, then you have to call the doctor. To pass the time until her parents (my son Brian and his wife Tammy) could pick her up, we decided to hit the road on the Information Superhighway.

Fiona introduced me to her favorite video. It is a video of a delightful dog named Stains who was on television. It speaks for itself, but to get some more material to write about, I did some background research. It turns out that this video is actually what they call a “viral video”. Lots of people watch them, but as far as I’m concerned, a lot more people would watch them if they changed the name. As it stands, I would be afraid to watch a video knowing that it’s “viral” because it might give my computer a virus. From what I’ve seen on TV, these viruses can wreck your computer unless you have a program that uses an anti-virus. I spent all that money on one called McCafe, but now I see that McDonald’s Restaurant is giving them away with their coffees! I should’ve waited. The “viral video” I referred to earlier in this article of Stains the dog:

Until next time!


The Codger


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