The Codger Is Busy Making a Cake

Howdy there, readers. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday and took the time to read my grandson Max’s guest article yesterday. From the sounds of it, Max is having the time of his life out there in California. It’s been a few years since I’ve been out that way myself, so it’s a blessing to read a true first-hand account of what it’s like out there with all those assorted farmers, prospectors, and Hollywood-types. I generally don’t have too much of a problem with the movie stars, but those directors and producers are always dreaming up all kinds of crazy ideas for movies that just don’t need to be made.

My old buddy Hiram invited me and the common-law Mrs. Codger over to his house for bridge tonight. I expect to have a good time. We used to have a regular bridge night. It was Thursday nights. Then we changed it to Tuesday nights because my missus started going to her fitness class on Thursday nights. But then Hiram’s wife Dot’s health was always up and down and she couldn’t play, so we didn’t have bridge nights for quite a while. But Hiram said that Dot is feeling well enough, so we’re going over to their place tonight.

The thing about going to Hiram’s is that Dot can’t cook because her doctor won’t let her stand for extended periods—makes standing over a stove hard for her. And Hiram himself couldn’t cook to save his life. Anyone can tell you that! Well, so I don’t go hungry over there tonight, I’m going to make a cake to take along. I just called the missus at work and she gave me the recipe over the phone. It looks like I have all the ingredients necessary: eggs, flower, sugar, marjoram, milk, baking powder, and extract of vanilla. I’m going to start baking it now, so you had better not expect me to write back to your commentary until I’m finished.

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. Posted by alter ebro on September 20, 2010 at 10:33 am

    Oh Dear Codger, WAIT!!

    I’m afraid you may have misheard the common-law missus codger — you should know that MARJORAM is a spice often used in cooking Mediterranean entrees. Perhaps you should instead use margarine?

    This reminds me of the time when my wife, who, like many modern working women, does not know her way around the kitchen very well, used salt in place of sugar to bake her holiday balls. Let me assure you, because I was the first to taste them, salty balls are most unappealing to the pallet.

    Best of luck, kind sir.



    • Hello to you, Alter Ebro. Yes, you were correct, but it was too late: I had already made the cake with marjoram. And it was the worst cake I’ve ever had, even worse than that time I tasted a “zucchini cake”. Zucchini and cake are meant to be kept separate, not together. I’m going to have to stop and buy an Entenmann’s on the way to Hiram’s tonight. I am going to have to tell the missus that she needs to articulate better over the telephone. I am sorry to hear about your wife’s cooking mishap as well. It sounds most unpleasant.

      The Codger


  2. Posted by alter ebro on September 21, 2010 at 10:43 am

    Alas Codger, I couldn’t disagree more with your negative assessment of zucchini’s presence in pastry items. One of my favorite treats is a moist, velvety zucchini bread. And let’s not forget the other delicious vegetable-based cakes and breads: carrot cake and pumpkin bread are two healthy desserts that are always welcome on my dining table.

    I hope the Entenmann’s served you well in your bridge game. Don’t get me started on their delicious little chocolate chip cookies!

    Best to you!



    • Hello, Alter Ebro. You haven’t tasted my missus’s zucchini baked goods. The one time she made it, she burned it, so I told her not to make it again. I bet the diner down the street could make it the right way. I’ll have to remember to ask them to make it for me. It’s a shame I already juiced all the zucchini from my victory garden this year. And as for the Entenmann’s, now that’s a delicious cake. I enjoyed it greatly.

      The Codger


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