xx the morning after with m-fixie xx

HEY-oh sexy bros and chicas. If you’ve never been to LA before, you really need to get yourself here someday. Or NOW! I mean, don’t get me wrong, SF was awesome and I did all sorts of crazy ish there I never thought I’d do, but me and my bro CJ got the sweetest gig down here in LA. We get to live in this rich dude’s pool house and get paid, and all we have to do is clean his pool and around the house. The rest of the time we get to kick back and work on our tans out by the pool. I’ve been thinking about getting a sick-as5 chest tat with the money I’m making to remind me of this trip. My grandpa told me my cousin Tricia got pregnant by that dude Derek she stayed in the trailer with, ha. I’m not that surprised; she is family after all. I only hung out with Derek a couple times, but CJ said he’s mostly an ok bro except he’s a little WT and makes stuff up sometimes. Aight, CJ’s still sleeping so I’m gonna go snap him with my towel. He gets SOOO pissed when I do that, it’s hilarious. We both said that when we get home, we’re gonna have to experiment by doing a lot of collabo’s on diff projects together b/c we’re both artists. Might even move in together, it would be awesome. Ok, peace.

XX m-fixie XX


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