My “Renos” are Complete

Hello again today. Like I was telling you yesterday, my lady contractor was coming over to help me with some things around the house. When she got here, I handed her my Space Needle. It was sad seeing it in such a state, not on my roof. But when she got done working her magic, it was standing proud once again, providing beauty and Googie to the neighborhood. It was a good thing we had built that Space Needle replica so strong in the first place: It survived that fall without a scratch on it.

After we got done with that “reno”, we moved on to the bathroom, which we were turning into a “Jack and Jill bathroom”. I decided to handle the Jack part, while my lady contractor worked on the Jill portion. I took out my paints, distributed the brushes, and we got to work. I must say that my portrait of Jack on the left side of the wall nicely compliments my lady contractor’s rendering of Jill on the right side. I can see why home buyers want this type of bathroom. Through these renovations, I am creating a veritable gold mine for my son Brian when he inherits this house one day…that is, unless the inheritance skips a generation and goes right to my grandson Max, much like the British crown is widely expected to do.

On her way out, we decided that my lady contractor is coming back next week to help me rebuild my mailbox beehive, which the bees have destroyed by boring into the wooden base. It has become hard to approach the site of the debris, since the bees are still living in it and seem highly agitated.

Until next time!


The Codger


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