My Lady Contractor Is Coming Over

Good morning, dear readership. I am happy to inform you that my lady contractor is coming over today, and not a moment too soon. When I stepped outside this morning, I noticed something plastic and shiny on my lawn. At first I thought my postman had missed my mailbox with my Valpak coupons, so I rushed out to collect them before anyone else could get them, since the grass was covered in dew and it wouldn’t take much for that envelope to fall apart. And once that happens, what’s to stop those coupons from blowing all over the place where anyone could get them, even people who haven’t take the time to subscribe to Valpak?

At any rate, it wasn’t my Valpak at all. It was worse than that: My Space Needle addition had fallen off my roof. I had heard a noise on the roof last night, but I had thought it was the squirrels. I picked the fallen comrade up off the grass and gave it a good once-over. In my professional opinion, the adhesive that had connected it to the roof had failed, causing it to topple in the first gutsy winds to come along. I’m not able to go up on my roof myself, so that’s why I need my lady contractor to come and do it for me.

As you know, I have long been planning to renovate my bathroom into a “Jack and Jill bathroom”. I’ve noticed that that’s the type of bathroom buyers prefer on all those home buying programs, so that’s what I’ve got to have. With all the money I get from my reverse mortgage, the least I could do is to put a little of it back into my property. So while I’ve got my lady contractor here on the premises, I plan to put her to work on that too.

Until next time!


The Codger


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