An Excellent Use for Those Silica Packets

Good morning to all my readers who are reading this “lifestyle column” today. And another thing…why do all the companies out there bother putting those packets of silica beads into everything? I bought a bag of beef jerky the other day, and what did I find inside? A bag of silica beads. I paid for 100% beef jerky, not silica beads! You’d better believe that the manufacturer is going to be hearing from me.

I decided to conduct my own Internet research into the subject, and through the wonders of the Internet, I was able to “shuffle off to Buffalo” online without ever leaving my house. This was all thanks to a little Web site called The Buffalo Sportsman. He writes, “Why Do They Put That Little Packet Of Poison In A Bag Of Beef Jerky? It says DO NOT EAT on it. Um, the point of me eating the jerky is because I’m starving, do they really expect me to slow down and double check what I’m stuffing in my piehole? Has anyone ever eaten that little packet? I wonder what it will do?” I couldn’t agree more, and those are excellent questions. I don’t intend to find out what happens when you eat them, but I have noticed that I’ve found those packets in all sorts of things: Shoes, beef jerky, and some other things. I’ve been saving them since I don’t want to just throw them out.

This morning, I finally found a use for all those silica packets: Arts and crafts. I just got myself a big piece of oak tag and glued them on, one by one. It looks beautiful, but it’s also functional. Then I glued the whole thing right on the bedroom wall. Undoubtedly, I think the missus will be very pleased when she gets home from work today and sees it. She’s been nagging me to do something about my silica packet collection for years.

Until next time!


The Codger


2 responses to this post.

  1. Dear Codger,

    I wanted to inform you that I am not dead.
    I was in my easy chair the other day and I remembered that I did not let you know I was going to be gone for a while.
    This was quite rude of me.
    Glad to see you are still kickin’.
    I hope you didn’t go through the trouble of eulogizing me in one of these posts. If you did, feel no shame in reblogging the eulogy when I do pass (which should be somewhere around the completion of the World Series “Go Blacksox!”.)

    Yours in Friendship,


    • Hello Mr. Branderson,

      I am glad to hear you are doing well…I was beginning to get worried, though I didn’t go so far as to write your eulogy yet. I always wait 6 months for that, in case the deceased is not in truth deceased, but has instead simply decided to defect to another country temporarily for political reasons. But if he hasn’t surfaced in the USA after the 6 months, I say it’s safe to assume he’s gone.

      Health and happiness,
      The Codger


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