Does Jessica Have Postpartum Depression on YouTube?

What a fine Sunday morning it is! As you have no doubt figured out already, I was not with you yesterday and my grandniece Tricia guest Blogged for this “lifestyle column”. The reason for this was that I wanted her to share her good news with you before you heard it someone else: Her friend Jessica, with whom she lives in my pop up trailer (along with their boyfriend Derek), had given birth to a new baby girl named Nevaeh. That’s “heaven” spelled backwards—how marvelously creative! When she gets to be of school age, she’ll certainly be the only one with that name in her class!

When I awoke this morning, the first thing I did was fix some breakfast. Then I went to the YouTube video search engine. YouTube is one of my favorite stations on the Internet. That’s why, when I turned it on this morning, I was surprised when I saw this ridiculous video of a young lady singing and crying like a crazy person. But then I realized that it looks just like my grandniece Tricia’s friend Jessica, the one I was just telling you about who gave birth to a new baby. Here is the video link:

If this isn’t Jessica in the video, I’ll eat my hat…she lived in my trailer in my own yard for over a month, and it’s the spitting image of her. Well, I don’t know why she loaded this video into the Internet, but it appears that some Spanish people got their hands on it and submitted it to YouTube. They even got her name wrong. They say it’s “Io Che Canto El Muelle De San Blas” when it’s really “Jessica”. And it looks like Jessica is suffering from what is known as postpartum depression. I am going to give Tricia a call right now to make sure that Jessica doesn’t need me to call Life Alert for her.  

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The Codger


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  1. Posted by Charlie on September 12, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Hail fellow well met, and congratulations to you, Jessica, if you’re reading this blog! I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Jessica is suffering from postpartum depression. To me, those tears she shed look like tears of joy, the kind of tears you have at the happiest moments of your life, like when you follow through with an unexpected pregnancy. There is no greater gift than life.



    • Ahoy there, Mr. Charlie. I spoke with Tricia on the phone, and I am happy to report that you are right. Well, at least partially right. It seems that I misidentified the young lady in the video, and it is not Jessica at all. However, Tricia said that Jessica did cry, because they got her to the hospital too late to administer the morphine, so she had to give birth without it, causing all sorts of pain and tearing to her lady-parts. But Tricia said that she was very happy afterwards and it was all worth it as soon as she got to hold the baby. I don’t know about you, but I’m just glad I’m not a woman!

      The Codger


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