welcome BABY NEVAEH!!!

Hi im back, I talkedwith my uncle last nite and he said to share the good news with u here today and its that my bff Jess had her baby, it’s a girl and she named her Nevaeh, I suggested the name! its heaven backwords!!! Its suuuuuch an amazing name I wish i savedit 4 myself when my baby comes. But nevaeh’s so cute and looks a lot like Derek, speaking of Derek he didn’t get the job he went 2 the interview 4 but hez 2 hot to work there n e wayz so its all good lol. My rents r bein such aholes about us parking r trailer in there yard but were a family know and we don’t have nowhere else 2 go, so there just gonna have to shut up and DEAL. Were gonna go see jess in the hospital, byeee ~<3Tricia Page~<3


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