I Have Returned

Good morning, dear readers. It’s nice to be back with you again after what I can only describe as a “trying” weekend at my son Brian’s beach house. The common-law Mrs. Codger, Brian’s missus (Tammy), and my granddaughter Fiona were there as well. First of all, I never would have gone had I known that Hurricane Earl was causing dangerous rip tides in the waters. They’ll suck you right out to where all the sharks are! That was probably Brian’s plan all along.

To top it off, Tammy served us Italian delicacies called “crudités” before dinner that were very undercooked. I like my food cooked thoroughly. It’s better for the digestion. You have to cook your food thoroughly or you’ll get sick. Uncooked food is covered in all sorts of bacteriums. That’s why you have to send it back to the kitchen if it’s not done enough, especially with fish. Some of our forefathers died in order to teach us that very important lesson.

The only good thing about the weekend was that Brian and Tammy bought the kind of oatmeal with quiz questions printed on the packets. The one I got asked me who was the leader of Cuba before Castro. The answer is Batista. I made sure to show it to Fiona, and then I mailed it out to my grandniece Tricia in Kansas. If we don’t teach the young people about the dangers of the Commies, nobody will. I walked around for hours trying to find the post office when a police officer pulled me over and started asking me a bunch of questions. From what I gather, Brian or Tammy called the station and claimed to be “concerned” about my well-being, but I think they were just trying their luck on the off chance that the officer might have arrested me.

Until next time!


The Codger


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hello Codger,
    I popped by after you left a comment on my post and having scrolled through Septembers posts I’m speechless. which is unusual to say the least.
    I shall return as anything that makes me speechless is definitely going to be a hit with my other half :)


    • Hello to you, Miss Mari. I am glad you’ve deemed my little “lifestyle column” a hit. I agree that the hippie lifestyle I make an effort to expose and debunk sometimes leaves me speechless as well. But as the voice of the people, I cannot sit idly by and let my pen be silenced!

      Best regards and good luck with your Blog,
      The Codger


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