surprise!, so happy

Hey how r ya? K, I have some big news 2 tell u all. IM PREGGO!!! So so happy cuz Derek is the daddy!! At 1st I thought Jessica might b mad cuz shes having his baby 2, but were bff’s and we talked and we decide that were gonna rase our babies together!!! If it’s a boy I hope its as cute as Derek but id kinda like a girl 2. Jess is do anyday and i’m do in like 7 months! Derek has interview 4 a job at the gas stashon next week but I hope he doesn’t get it so he can get a job at a store were he can get us discount on baby clothes instead ;) xoxo Tricia Page


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  1. Posted by Charlie on August 28, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Hello young one, and congratulations on starting a family while you attend college! They say that your generation is stuck in a transitional phase of indeterminate length–well then you are the shining exception that proves the rule.

    Even greater congratulations are in order for your great uncle, who now has another tremendous achievement to write about: becoming a great great uncle.

    Health and happiness,


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