Exemplary Codgers: Jack Van Impe

Ahoy to you this morning. As a favor to you all, I will be gracing you with the profile of another Exemplary Codger today. Today’s Exemplary Codger is probably known to you all from his popular television news program, “Jack Van Impe Presents”: It’s Jack Van Impe. According to the article written about him in the Wikipedia encyclopedia, Jack Van Impe was born in the year of our Lord 1931, which makes him a good, ripe age to qualify for Exemplary Codger status.

Mr. Van Impe, I mean Dr. Van Impe, received his doctorate from the unaccredited Pacific International University, as did his wife, the ray of sunshine Dr. Rexella Van Impe. Accredited universities might be fine and dandy for the masses, but an Exemplary Codger has that certain “je ne sequoia” to attend an unaccredited university and command the public’s recognition of his doctoral title. But degree or not, Jack Van Impe is smart enough that he can quote from the Bible word for word, even the verse numbers. That’s impressive stuff right there!

But what really sets Jack Van Impe apart as an Exemplary Codger is his continued commitment to covering the news story that the rapture is just around the corner, supporting that claim with current events. Most people couldn’t get away with covering the same story for years on end and be wrong most of the time, but Jack Van Impe can, without a doubt. And he and Rexella always make it FUN:

Until next time!


The Codger


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