A Review of Nancy Grace’s “Death on the D-List”

A first-rate morning to you, dear readers. In this era when more and more people are becoming illiterate blockheads, it is important to keep the tradition of books alive. Therefore, I have decided to offer you a review of a new book I purchased at my local book store yesterday: “Death on the D-List” by noted television host, legal expert, and wonderful mother Nancy Grace.

Since I haven’t had the time to read it for myself yet, I decided to turn to the Internet to form my unbiased opinion of it. One blog I have found particularly useful for reviews of all sorts of products is http://www.Amazon.com. The critics on the Amazon blog have given “Death on the D-List” an average of five out of five stars, which is good enough for me. You don’t find five star books every day.

In reading the reviews, I noticed that one of the critics is David Linch. Being an avid viewer of Nancy Grace’s television program (as I am sure many of you are yourselves), I remembered that David Linch is the name of her husband (and father of her two beautiful children, John David and Lucy Elizabeth). Mr. Linch’s review says, “Nancy’s book is a must read. She acurately protrays some of the country’s most twisted individuals, tv people, and how the unfortunately intersect with real world. The book keeps you on edge and guessing until the very end. Hats off to Ms. Grace and her new book. Keep them coming.” It was awfully nice of the Amazon.com people to reach out to David to review his wife’s book. Luckily, he rated it five out of five stars and said only nice things about it. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Mr. Linch’s place if he had given it a bad review! Could you imagine that?

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The Codger


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  1. Posted by michellefrommadison on August 26, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    Nancy Grace: DEATH ON THE D-LIST

    – book partially written by Nancy Grace of CNN, (not the book she was alleged to have committed fraud and other crimes in), that this book self-identifies her own admissions that she (Nancy) caused the death on the “D” list (Melinda Duckett).

    Good for you Nancy, have any specific desires on what toiletries or magazines we can send you once you finally end up in orison where you belong? Hopefully CNN covers some of your prison meals as a breaking news story. And good for those twins you purchased some years back in your attempt to minimize the upcoming penalties coming your way after you decimated the Duckett family as well as their estate. Too bad you never did seem to learn that crime does not pay. What wheelchair accessories are you thinking you might need upon your release from prison in several decades? It is recognized that you are nearing retirement age and you will be on social security long before those twins you bought even graduate high school, has there ever been any child abuse allegations you bought your way out of on that abuse issue you did to the twins? How about when you claim you threw you son off the bed onto his head and he required hospital intervention, so to elude an immediate police arrest, you claim to have ran on-foot to the hospital yourself to avoid being locked up that minute. How about the recent breathalyzer you said the police officer made you do when you were recently pulled over, again? The drugs you say you consume daily are not yet listed on your site, nor if the alcohol quantity you continue to keep the alcoholic beverage businesses in business. drunks and druggies do cause harm to real victims as you have documented yourself to have done, and as Jane Valez-Mitchell has said about drunks like herself and you that people like you rarely if ever get completely straighten out and often remains the addicts they are so known as. Tell Satan we do not like him when you meet him Nancy, and try to stop victimizing victims of crimes. Since you were never a victim of any crime in your life, your jealousy of real victims has been noted.


  2. Posted by guest on August 28, 2010 at 10:32 am

    Speaking of Melinda Duckett. An excellant website well put together. A must read with documents to back up statements.

    Or google: Was it really worth it?


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