An Oil Spill in My Own Kitchen

A good Friday morning to you, dear readers. I trust that you found my grandson Max’s Japanese poetry inspirational yesterday. It must be all that Oriental influence out there on the Pacific coast. That’s because it’s closest to the Asian continent. As Max mentioned yesterday, my carpal tunnel syndrome was acting up, so I thought it best to take the day off to recover. Unfortunately, it also hindered my other day to day activities.

As you know, I have been raising my own brine shrimp so I don’t have to pay those high supermarket prices for them. Loyal reader of this lifestyle column Charlie sent me a link to an Online New York Times article indicating that the quality of Gulf shrimp is also being called into question, giving even more value to my shrimp-raising plan. Well, I was in my kitchen carrying a bottle of Wesson oil from my pantry to my missus; as I was passing my shrimp hatchery, my hand went into a fit and I dropped the bottle right into the hatchery. The lid mustn’t have been on tight, and the oil made a slick on top of the water.

I had to think quick: I could have attempted some of the failed methods that British Petroleum used on their own oil spill (burning it, “Top Kill”, “Top Hat”, junk shot), but instead, I realized that since my brine shrimp were freshly-coated in cooking oil, I should just cook them, even though they were still tiny. I whipped up some batter and battered them like what they call “popcorn shrimp”, and then I popped them into my deep fryer. I thought the batter would make them more substantial, but that turned out not to be the case. At least the taste was pretty good.

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. Hello, Codger! Sorry to hear about the mishap in the kitchen, but glad to hear you made lemonade out of lemons (or popcorn shrimp out of brine shrimp accidentally covered in Wesson oil).


    • Ahoy, Mr. Pack. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, those shrimp really were sweet as lemonade, probably because I had the satisfaction of knowing I raised them myself.

      The Codger


  2. Posted by Charlie on August 20, 2010 at 8:59 am

    And a good morning to you, fellow. I can relate, because my wife never puts the cap of our bottles back on properly. If I’m not spilling vitamins all over the kitchen floor, I’m shaking a bottle of Clamato onto every surface in my vicinity. Well, when your wife hands you lemons, make lemonade, as they say.

    Good idea posting an internet link to the NYT article, because it will help get the word out to a wider readership. And holler out a shout and pass it on to M-fixie for me.



    • Hello again, Mr. Charlie. It really chafes my goose when people don’t put the caps on bottles properly. If you’re not going to put it on properly, why bother at all? That thought was probably in the back of my mind when I made the switch from bottled Clamato to fresh (made in my own juicer). I haven’t looked back since.

      I am happy to hear you enjoyed Max’s Japanese poetry. I’m not sure whether he can get on the Internet every day out there in California, but I’m sure he’ll see your comment soon. I’ll send him a text message on my cellular to tell him to look for it.

      The Codger


  3. […] I had an oil spill in my kitchen and was forced to fry up my home-grown shrimp before they were fully grown: […]


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