Preparing For My Space Needle Addition

Good morning to you on this grand Tuesday. Over the past several days, I’ve met with a few contractors to get their estimates for installing that Space Needle addition on my roof I told you about before. The longer I’ve been thinking about it, the more I’ve been looking forward to it. You know, for as many news stories as I see about the construction industry being desperate for work, you’d think more of them would have returned my calls. I didn’t hear back from four of them at all!

The first contractor I met with showed me a beautiful plan for a Space Needle on my roof, just like I asked for. I didn’t like him from the start because he showed up at my house both times wearing casual sandals. I had my mind made up that I wasn’t going to go with him well before he got around to announcing his estimated price of $800,000. Then, the second contractor politely declined to take on the project because it wasn’t his area of expertise. Since he was polite about it, I wasn’t terribly disappointed.

Fortunately, the third contractor and I really hit it off. She’s a lady contractor…I think she’s from the Isle of Lesbos, if you know what I mean. The way I see it, that could add some real international flavor to the addition. I told her all about my initiative to increase curb appeal in my neighborhood, and she said that I should try to get some of my neighbors to renovate their homes to look more like Sea-Tac, the Seattle airport, in keeping with the Washington state motif. I told her that I remembered the real Sea-Tac, back when it was a nautical adhesive. You could use it to patch up your hull or reattach your rudder to your tiller and away you’d go. After listening to my concerns, she said she’s going to help me build a miniature scale Space Needle replica at my kitchen table, and she’ll be the one to climb the ladder and attach it to my roof in place of my rusty old weathervane. It’s not what I was initially expecting (a room I could inhabit), but it should have the same effect. I really admired her unconventional solution to my commonplace demands.

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. Posted by Charlie on August 17, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Hail fellow well met. Congratulations on what is soon to be another tremendous achievement! The Space Needle’s popularity has waned in recent years, I feel, probably because that show with the two gay brothers is off the air. Never cared for it myself, since their idea of a senior citizen was a crippled, impotent, reactionary couch potato, but that’s just me. I join you in your enthusiasm for Googie, and hope that by documenting your new addition on your public web log the trend will reverse, as I’m sure it in fact will.

    Onward and upward,


    • Hello to you, Mr. Charlie.

      I myself never cared for that Seinfeld program myself either. It’s just not my cup of tea–let’s put it that way. I can’t see the appeal. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only voice of reason when it comes to Googie architecture. By using this Internet as a platform, we should be able to stir up enough synergistic energy to make the masses take notice!

      The Codger


  2. […] that my kitchen table is too small for me and my lady contractor to effectively work on building my miniature Space Needle, a project whose inspiration level for the neighborhood, once completed, will be too great to be […]


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