Exemplary Codgers: Kenny Rogers

Hello again, and welcome. Before I head outside to harvest some lettuce from my victory garden, I’ve opted to give you another Exemplary Codger to contemplate and emulate during those peaceful little moments between doing things: country singer Kenny Rogers.

But Kenny Rogers wasn’t always the socially-acceptable codger we have all come to know and love. Not by a long shot. During my research, I unearthed evidence that seems to suggest he was once a full-blooded hippie, fronting a hippie band and making all sorts of nonsense hippie music videos and singing hippie nonsense lyrics:

Yes, I am as stunned as the rest of you. I never would have suspected Kenny Rogers of being the hippie type. Yet despite this adverse upbringing, he sorted himself out and became the respectable country music celebrity this lifestyle column can get behind, the kind that makes sensible music videos with other respectable singers like Dolly Parton, founder of Dollywood (the more responsible alternative to Hollywood):

Did you notice Kenny’s choice of lumberjack’s attire and codgerly gray beard? I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re a big improvement over his hippie days. Kenny Rogers: Living proof that it’s never too late to abandon the hippie lifestyle in favor of greener pastures.

Until next time!


The Codger


4 responses to this post.

  1. Dear Codger,

    I think I once saw Kenny at a Skyline Chili on The University of Cincinnati’s campus, but I’m not 100% certain. Maybe you can tell me: would an exemplary codger really visit a Skyline?

    Best regards,



    • Good afternoon to you, Ms. Maura!

      You’ve really got me stumped here. I don’t believe I’m familiar with Skyline Chili, so I don’t feel comfortable making a judgment about one’s Exemplary Codger status based on that. Is it affiliated with the Skyline Casino in Nevada? Because if it is, I would say that that would certainly be in accordance with the codger lifestyle.

      All the best,
      The Codger


  2. What a horrible, bigoted comment. Since when was being a hippie un-American. In fact, i dont think i have heard anyone refer to someone as a hippie in about 40 years. Whatever Kenny Rogers is, or was, should illustrate to you that your attitude is stupid. He is exactly the same person he was then. Give me a break. I am an admirer of Dolly Parton but what could be worse than a painted woman with big, hugh fake boobs?


    • As someone who has been using the Internet for many years (and reading about it as well), I have identified this comment as a form of “Cyber Bullying”. Since I cannot figure out the way to erase it, I’ll have to go on the record and apologize to the post-hippie Mr. Rogers, Miss Parton, and all the readers of this lifestyle column for have seen said comment.

      Safe and securely yours,
      The Codger


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