Goodbye and Good Luck, Tricia

Good morning, dear readers. Here is a newsflash for you: My grandniece Tricia has decided to attend college! I could not be prouder. She’s chosen the University of Phoenix as her future alma mater. She’ll love Phoenix…they have beautiful weather there. We had a long chat yesterday, and she has her plan all mapped out.

Before she starts college, she has to go home to Kansas and take another semester of classes in her home school program so she can graduate early (it would have been two semesters if not for our summer school!). She’ll have to hunker down to fit everything in, but I know she can do it. Then she’ll graduate early and will be free to move out to the University of Phoenix’s campus. I know they’re a top school, but they should nevertheless consider themselves fortunate to have a pupil as bright as Tricia select their institution.

The only problem with Tricia’s plan was that she had nowhere to live when she gets home to Kansas. You see, her parents have converted her bedroom into a home bar. What kind of teenager wants to live in a bar? That was very shortsighted of her parents, if you ask me. So I promised Tricia that she can borrow my pop up trailer and live in that. Then she can take it out to Phoenix so she’ll have somewhere to live while she’s attending college.

I hadn’t thought of how she’ll get the trailer to Kansas, but she told me later that she had a chat with Derek, who has been living in it for the past few months, and he offered to pull it with his Camaro. His pregnant girlfriend Jessica is apparently also going along to help out. I don’t think their relationships with their parents have improved since they moved into the trailer, so they might have to bunk with Tricia for a few months in Kansas until they’ve patched things up with their families.

In order to get started on her studies right away, Tricia has decided to set sail for Kansas this very afternoon. Although I am sad to see them go, I predict nothing but blue skies and a bright for both Tricia and her friends. Please join me in wishing them luck and safe travels! Of course, we’ll all miss her greatly, but I couldn’t let her leave without making her promise me that she’ll still take the time to “guest blog” for this lifestyle column once in a while!

Until next time!


The Codger


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Charlie on August 10, 2010 at 8:57 am

    Good morning fellow. Congratulations to Tricia for taking her life by the reins, may she rise like the Phoenix!


    PS-Does this mean that you and your common-law wife will soon have an empty nest?


    • Ahoy there, Mr. Charlie. You know, I hadn’t given it any thought, but you’re right: I am now an empty nester (Tricia and her friends left around an hour ago). For obvious reasons, becoming an empty nester this time around makes me sadder than it did the first time, when my son Brian moved out of the house. Of course, I still have my dog and my bees and my shrimp and my victory garden, and my grandson Max will be coming back from California eventually, but I’ll miss having that battalion of teenagers around.

      The Codger


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