tR1c!a’s rEp0rT

Special shoutout 2 all my BFF’s in Kansas. Miss u all like crazy!!!!!!!! Idk if I can wait til summers over to see u guys. Im sad cuz when I come back2 Kansas it means im gonna have 2 say good bye to Derek, whose become one of my best friends 4 life. And jess too, ill miss her and her big preggo belly ;) the only bad thing about going home, is that my rents r still gonna be all controlling and try to make me do stuff I don’t want and not by me an iphone. ugggg. O well its all good as long as im with my friends, don’t kno what I’d do without u! Luv u guys, txt me if u wanna talk l8r!!!! <3 Tricia Page <3


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