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The Slim-A-Bear Might Be Going Extinct

Hello there, readers. What is on your respective minds today? As for me, I’ve been stewing over a Blog article I read a few days ago. You see, the excellent blogger known as The Chocolate Priestess wrote about something that concerns us all: The Klondike No Sugar Vanilla Bar, previously known officially as the “Slim-A-Bear” Bar. Some people may say that ice cream’s not as good as it used to be, but Slim-A-Bear Bars prove them wrong. I remember back when I spent a wonderful summer sinking my teeth into Slim-A-Bear Bars (last summer), having not the slightest notion they didn’t have any sugar added. All I knew was that I had found a delicious new confection, and its mascot was a delightful bear. The way they eat huckabucks in New Orleans, I went through Slim-A-Bear Bars in my kitchen. Then, when I was done, I’d just toss the wrappers on the floor and sweep them up with a broom all at once.

As I wrote in the comments section of The Chocolate Priestess’s article, the actual “Slim-A-Bear” is still on the packaging, but he’s been drastically reduced in size. I said it made him look like he’s going extinct, and I’m not at all happy about that. After spending a few days thinking about it, I’m still not happy about it. Maybe it’s the Klondike people’s master plan to eliminate the Slim-A-Bear’s natural habitat on the ice cream box in order to have him replaced with the regular Klondike polar bear. I’ll not tolerate that sort of malarkey. The Slim-A-Bear must be preserved and cherished before it’s too late.

If your home were suddenly to be hit with a flood and you weren’t carrying flood insurance, what’s the one thing you would grab? If you answered with any type of physical object, you are wrong. You only have to make sure that you’re safe and that your loved ones are safe. The physical objects are why you get flood insurance, because even if you don’t think that your home is in a flood plain, it very well could be vulnerable to flash flooding. To find out, my Uncle Roosevelt (everyone always thinks that’s his last name, but it was his first name) devised a clever system whereby he took out a map and a penny, and if your house was within the distance of Abraham Lincoln’s head from the water, you should get flood insurance. With global warming being a factor these days, his method went obsolete sometime in the early 1970s, so it’s better just to speak with an insurance agent directly.

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