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Happy Birthday to my Grandniece Tricia!

Hello, and a grand day to you all. Well, today’s the big day: My grandniece Tricia’s 16th birthday. Happy birthday, Tricia! “LOL!” :0 Myself, Tricia, her friends Derek and Jessica, my granddaughter Fiona, my son Brian, my daughter-in-law Tammy, and the common-law Mrs. Codger will all be going out to dinner at an expensive restaurant which I’m not going to name. Restaurants pay newspapers hundreds of dollars to get reviewed, so I’m not going to just review it for free here on the Internet, where many more people will read it. After dinner, we will be going to see Twilight Eclipse, which I am eagerly anticipating. I’ve been noticing a lot of commercials about it, so that’s a good sign. Then, after the film, we’re all returning to my house for what Tricia has dubbed the “afterparty”. They say that the English language is always inventing new words, and I’d say that one’s a keeper. Good work, Tricia!

I have to remember to have the missus call the restaurant to confirm my reservation. Since it’s under my name and they took my credit card number, I’m going to be the one they bill if they mess up my reservation. Tricia’s friend Jessica is pregnant, so I hope they don’t charge her one of those outrageous surcharges to split a meal, since she’s eating for two. I don’t see how restaurants get away with charging you to split a meal, even when it’s just a sandwich. Outrageous! And I also have to remember to take Tricia’s present along to the restaurant. I think she will be pleasantly surprised with what I got her!

I have to find the necktie that Brian and Tammy got me for my birthday last year, since I’ve decided to wear it tonight as a gesture of good will. You know how uppity Brian can get when you don’t go out of your way mollycoddle him. That’s just the way he is. I think that necktie is somewhere on the floor in the back of my bedroom closet, or else in my sock drawer under my Gold Toes. I’ve got a feeling in my gut that this is going to be a wonderful party. I am going to be extremely busy for the rest of the day, so if you must send me an E-mail, don’t expect me to respond until tomorrow.

Until next time!


The Codger