The White House, Like The Codger, Has a Bee Colony

To paraphrase Nancy Grace, “good morning, friend”. You have my assurance that this is the real Codger and not the imposter that’s out there on the Internet. Have you heard that the White House has installed its own private beehive? Well, it’s true, and this article proves it: article. I don’t know for sure where the President and First Lady got the idea to raise bees, but I do know that they like the Internet, so I wouldn’t say that it’s outside the realm of possibility that they were inspired by my own articles about raising my bee colony. I still have not been able to track down a bee-proof “Web cam” to share a video of my bees with you, but the White House evidently has…obviously they have access to the latest technologies that aren’t available to the general public yet. This is what is known as “trickle-down economics”. Irregardless, here is a video from the White House’s bee-proof “Web cam”, which looks to be an indoor/outdoor model:

I must say, the White House’s beehive is more elaborate than my own. I like the idea of those “drawers” for the bees to live in, and where they can build their honeycomb. I have some old cabinetry out in the shed, so I am going to take the drawers out and attach them to my mailbox beehive. Hopefully that will help my bees get ready to start producing honey. And if they turn out to be carpenter bees or mason bees instead of honeybees, at the very least it will give them something new to bore into. They must be getting so tired of boring into the same mailbox day after day. They need constant stimulation or they’ll start going feeble-minded.

Have you even taken a look at the Utah state flag? I mean a good, long look. Well, there’s a beehive on it, along with a majestic spread eagle and the word “industry”. It doesn’t get more American than that. I say that we as a nation should consider adding this motif to our national flag. I’ve always thought that the stripes portion was too large in scale compared to the stars portion anyway, so get rid of some of that and replace it with the beehive, eagle, and industry. You can see a picture of the Utah state flag here:

A thing of beauty! I’ve never been to Utah, but if you’ve seen the flag in person in its homeland, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

Until next time!


The Codger


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Charlie Bros on July 13, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Greetings, friend. A young man rang my doorbell one day offering a discount on his weekly pest prevention service. Of course I signed up. He comes every Tuesday and sprays and clear liquid around the house, fence, and on the median in my driveway. He’s very quick and courteous: sometimes I don’t even see him! I mention this because he seems like a very knowledgeable individual so I’ll ask him if he has any ideas as to how to get your bees to produce honey. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, as a fellow once said. I will let you know if he has any tips for you.
    Charlie Bros


    • Posted by Charlie Bros on July 13, 2010 at 7:30 pm

      Good evening to you. Sorry, but I didn’t run into Joe, the pest tech, today. He must have came while I was taking a nap. I’ll write myself a note so that I’ll remember to ask him about your bees next Tuesday.
      Over and Out,
      Charlie Bros


      • Hello to you, Charlie Bros. Thank you for looking out for my bees’ welfare. I can see you’re not in the same category as my postman, who complained about them repeatedly. At any rate, if that pest tech is as crackerjack as you’re letting on, I am sure your infestation will be under control in no time at all.

        All the best,
        The Codger

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