Who Should Replace Larry King?

A fine Monday to you, my audience. I’ve heard word that Larry King will be leaving his talk show in short order, so I thought we should spend some time today talking about it. While I don’t know that I’d go so far as to call Larry King a codger “per say”—I’ve always considered him more of benign curmudgeon myself–I can’t say I’m happy to see another senior citizen’s program go off the air, especially when he still seems lucid most of the time. That’s more than can be said for many other seniors.

What really ruffles my feathers is that it looks like the CNN network will be replacing Larry King with someone younger. At the moment, the frontrunner jockeying for the position is Piers Morgan, a Brit. Being unfamiliar with him, I can’t offer my opinion except to say that he may not have the necessary level of maturity for the anchor chair due to his lack of age. If I were in charge at the CNN network, I would keep looking for some other candidates.

If they’re looking for somebody younger-looking but who is secretly a senior citizen, Joan Rivers would be a fine choice. You young people reading this probably don’t realize it, but Joan Rivers is, in fact, over age 40. I’d say she’s probably pushing 65 by now, considering I’ve been watching her on the TV for a good 30 years already. Another person I would consider is my pal Hiram. He used to host an A. M. radio program after the war. He doesn’t talk about it much, so I think he must’ve been a forerunner of what have come to be known as “shock jocks”. Hiram doesn’t have an agent, but if they advertise the opening in the newspaper classifieds, he can phone them himself. Just because he’s older doesn’t mean that he can’t make a few phone calls without an agent’s help.

But if they insist on going with a younger host, I would nominate that lady Flo from the insurance commercials. I like the way she talks to people. She is very nice, and also helpful. Had I known she works in that industry, I would have bought my reverse mortgage from her. That’s how good she is, and she would be just as good as a talk show host. Here, see for yourself:

Until next time!


The Codger


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