im suuuch a Twihard hehe

Hey yall, im in my uncles house now but i gotta get back to the camper b4 jessica get’s back from her pregnancy doctor check up. I just wanted 2 let u kno that its my birthday next Saturday and im plannin a big SWEET 16 party. Its gonna be a Twilight party so were all going 2 see it and then coming back here 4 the after party. The campers gonna be the VIP area and only me and Derek r gonna be allowed cuz he looks like Edward and I look like Bella hehe. He already said that he has a special present 4 me I bet I can guess what it is ;) But im not telling 0:) I told my uncle that I want lingerie just like Bettie Page

I srsly hope Jessica doesn’t try 2 ruin my party by stealing the spotlight and givig birth to her baby right in front of every1. She’s 1 of my best friends but thats SOOOO the kind of thing she would do, just to remind every1 that she’s good enough to have a baby with Derek and make me look like im not. WTF?!! How f’ed up is that?!! Whatevz. Im so not into drama right now. I kno i hot and every1 else kno’s it, expecially Derek. Im not gonna say how I kno, but I kno ;) Sometimes I think that Jessica got preggo just 2 trap Derek but hes kinda too good 4 her. But he doesn’t have 2 stay with her just cuz she has his baby. Sometimes chemistry just happens and the ppl who are MEANT 2 be together end up 2gether, u kno, like edward and Bella! We’ll see what happenes ;P

<3 Tricia Page <3


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