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There’s Nothing Like a Big Breakfast of Hen Fruit

Ahoy to you this morning! Do you know the best way to start your morning? It’s by eating a big breakfast, so that’s what I did this morning. After the missus left for work, I got up and got ready to go to the diner.

When I got there, they tried to seat me in the back dining room, but I told the hostess I didn’t like that room. I wanted to sit out front by the window, so that’s where she sat me. Then the waitress came over. I told her, “I want some hen fruit, scrambled.” A big order of hen fruit’s the only way to start the day. For you young people reading, that’s what everybody used to call eggs: hen fruit.

The waitress didn’t know what it meant either. Guess she was too young to have been around the block enough times. I explained to her that if she wanted to succeed as a waitress, she had to learn the lingo of the people. And another thing: When people talk about oleo, they mean margarine. They used to sell it in a bag and you had to add your own yellow dye. I could tell she was very interested to learn what I was teaching her, because she brought me my hen fruit in no time flat, served with toast, choice of hash browns or home fries and either fruit or a muffin. I asked her if I could buy an advertisement for this Web site on the diner’s placemats, but she said I would have to talk to the owner about that, and he wasn’t there today. I should probably send an e-mail to the executives to see if I can get them to pick up the tab for it.

Well, that was that. Breakfast was over, and it was time for me to be getting home. On the way out, I made sure to take a few of the peppermints they keep in a dish by the register, since they’re free. If you don’t want them right away, you can save them for later.

Until next time!


The Codger