XX The Morning After w/ M-Fixie XX

Yoooo, M-Fixie back in da house. Ain’t gonna fake it. My grandpa’s at the casino again so I’m taking over for today. You know da drill. I’m thinking of taking a road trip to Cali. Mendocino County’s where its at. I shouldn’t have ANY probs selling some of my hand-blown glassware up there which would pay for the trip. My boy Luke moved out there and he says it’s amazing, and I could crash on his couch. He said he knows people that have greenhouses out in the open and the cops don’t even care b/c everyone has one. They have to let you go because the economy up there sucks otherwise, and everyone would be out of work.

It’s close to San Fran too, so I’m def gonna check it out down there. A dude I went to school with lives there and he said he knows a lot of girls there. I said he has to help me get some CALIFORNIA LOVE, but no fatties and no uggos. 8===D (.)(.) He also said that fixie culture is ginormous out there. So so awesome!

Cali’s gonna be mad chill. I just wanna sit on the beach at night and get soooo mellow. IDK when I’m gonna leave, but first I gotta see if I can borrow someone’s car or if there’s someone that I can ride with. I think that dude CJ that went camping with us might be down, so I might ask him.
Peace out.
XX m-fixie XX


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  1. […] ladies and gents. I have some good news for you. It’s official: My grandson Max will be embarking on a trip to Mendocino County and San Francisco, California next week along with my grandniece Tricia’s friend C. J. I think it’s marvelous that he’ll be […]


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