The Codger Meets a Feral Cat

Hello there once again to you, a valued member of my growing audience. If you have any friends or acquaintances who might take an interest in our round table discussion, feel free to invite them to this Web site (the Web address to get here is We welcome all new members, even if they’re not yet Medicare card-carrying senior citizens.

Yesterday evening after Judge Judy went off, I ate dinner (stuffed cabbage and grillin beans. I’d never heard of a grillin bean until I saw the store selling them…must be a new hybrid, but they sure were tasty when I cooked them. They’re a little hot—not heat hot, but spicy hot. They’re almost like the pinto beans you get at the Cracker Barrel. They used to put a slice of raw onion on them there, but then they stopped doing that. I think it was better when they put the onion on it, myself). Well, after dinner, I went outside to do some work in my victory garden. My tomato plants are coming along better than my neighbor’s with the upside-town tomato planters, if you ask me.

When I was digging, I heard a noise in the bushes. It looks like a cat has taken up residence in my yard. I’m no cat expert (though I’m an avid reader of Cat Fancy Magazine every time I go to the dentist’s office), but I identified the cat as a feral based on its appearance and behavior. Ferals are a very shy breed; in fact, one of the shyest, so it was no surprise that when I tried to approach, it ran into my next-door neighbor’s yard—not the one with the tomatoes (that neighbor lives across the street). I’m heading to the casino tomorrow, so I’ve asked my grandson Max to “guest blog” for you. You’re undoubtedly in for a big treat, as you always are whenever he agrees to write for this lifestyle column.

Until next time!


The Codger


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