Pluots: You’ll Love Them

Ahoy this morning, dear readers. I’d like to tip you off to a delicious new kind of fruit that you’ve never heard of. It’s called a “pluot”. My neighbor from down the street—I’ll call him Mr. H.— came over last night and brought me a little basket of them. He had extras because he bought a whole slew of them because he was going to keep some and give the rest to his daughter, but he’s not going to see her this week and he didn’t want them to go bad.

I told him that I’d never heard of a pluot before, and he said that he hadn’t either, and it’s a cross between a plum and an apricot, two fruits I enjoy individually. I took a bite and said something to the extent of, “This pluot is exquisite.” Joining the conversation, this blogger disagrees: (blog). I humbly disagree, but of course, my opinion is not the be-all-end-all of opinions.

What are your thoughts on pluots? Keep in mind, they’re not the same thing as a plumcot, though I couldn’t tell you the difference, except for the flavor. Plumcots are delicious as well, but like I said, that pluot was exquisite. And they’re good for you, too. So go out and buy a pluot, give it a try, and blog about it in the comments section below. You can also blog about plumcots.

Until next time!


The Codger


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