How To Beat The Heat

Bon jour, dear readers (that’s the French for “good day”, in case you didn’t know). Is it hot enough for you out there? Yes, it’s that time of year again. Summer is upon us, and it has brought with it a heat wave. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but whenever a heat wave hits, the mainstream media always resorts to their usual story: A warning to senior citizens not to turn on a fan in a closed room with no windows open because it makes the heat worse.

I can’t help but be offended that the media thinks that we seniors are completely incontinent when it comes to living our lives. We’ve been surviving heat waves for decades, and our generation taught those young newscasters all they know. Somehow, they think that just because we’ve gotten older, we need our children to “check in” on us to make sure that we haven’t locked ourselves in our room with a fan on, just like they did themselves when they were younger and threw a temper tantrum (My son Brian was famous for doing that when he didn’t get his way).

Personally, I haven’t known one senior who ever thought that turning on a fan in a closed room was a good idea….as a matter of fact, that sounds exactly like a “good idea” that my son Brian once had: I recall him telling me to run the ceiling fan in the winter time to conserve energy. Sounds like the same thing to me, and probably very dangerous. It’s such a shame that his generation has control of the media now. What are they going to start telling us to do next? Take our pills? Don’t touch the stove while it’s still hot? Go to bed by 8:00? Those are exactly the type of things that they try to pass off as “news” these days!

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The Codger


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  1. You are funny!


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