Sunday With The Codger

Welcome aboard my “lifestyle column” again, my captive audience. As you know, I have a Welsh corgi named Hannah Montana. My granddaughter Fiona named her after her the famous actress. I know that Queen Elizabeth of England has numerous Welsh corgis herself, and I think I detect a certain nobility about my Hannah Montana. Do any of you know if dogs can use I’d like to trace Hannah Montana’s lineage back to the Queen’s corgis.

I’ve asked my grandniece Tricia to “guest blog” tomorrow by posting another summer school assignment I assigned her: An essay on a person she admires. She said she’s been working really hard on it. I’ve taken quite a shine to that new group of friends she’s been palling around with, the ones I wrote about that are living in my pop up trailer in the back yard. It turns out that one of them, Derek, the boy that was in the Army, owns one of those cars I’ve seen racing on my street. He took a regular Camaro, scraped off all the paint, and put on a special muffler to make it faster. When he took me for a ride in it, it really flew! It’s like you’re riding right on the road though, because the seats are so low.

His girlfriend Jessica, who is also living with them in the trailer, is about to have his baby, and she said he’ll have to get a bigger car for once the baby is born. She asked if I would cosign on a loan for them, but I’m sure they’ll be back on speaking terms with their families and living at home by then. The other boy that’s living with them, C. J., the artist, is also a good kid. Well, he’s 21, so he’s not really a kid any more, but you know what I mean. He said he just got a job as the Promoter of a nightclub in the city, so I’m sure he’ll be back on his feet soon and ready to get his own apartment.

Until next time!


The Codger


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