BP: To Boycott or Not?

A good day to you, dear readers. I am sure you enjoyed my grandson Max’s “guest blog” yesterday. If he wasn’t so involved with his glassblowing, I’d say he could have a bright future as an educator! Now as you all know, I am an amateur environmentalist, and I enjoy spending time in my back yard, whether it includes filling my bird feeder, tending my victory garden, or surveying my bee colony. I love it all. I also like protesting, including watching protesters on the TV. There’s nothing more American than penning a pointed slogan, painting it on a sign, and affixing it to a picket stick. The hippies out there might not ever understand that sentiment, but I don’t suspect they’d take the time to read this lifestyle column either.

Now that the British Petroleum oil spill (a story I “broke” over a month ago) has turned the pristine Gulf of Mexico into an oily Jacuzzi just in time for hurricane season, nothing would make me happier than to protest BP. Since they aren’t allowing members of the press such as myself anywhere near the spill site, I had deemed the best form of protesting for this situation to be what is known as a “boycott”, a type of protest that goes back all the way to Revolutionary War times. Back then, Americans boycotted a type of British soldiers called “Lobsterbacks”, which was easy to do thanks to their bright red uniforms (hence, their name: “Lobsterbacks”). The Americans boycotted them by refusing to quarter them in their homes. The boycott was so effective that it resulted in the Battle of Lexington versus Concord, which was the shot heard ‘round the world. This proves that the voice of the American consumer can become a global tour de France by boycotting.

I was already boycotting my local BP station because its convenience store started to attract the wrong crowd a few years ago, but I made the decision to continue my boycott. Now, I’ve been hearing on the news that we all have to support BP so it does not go bankrupt, because if that happens, BP will get to weasel out of its cleaning responsibilities. And we all know how bankruptcy proceedings work…BP will get mired in bankruptcy court while the Gulf stays mired in oil. And I don’t like that Tony Hayward fellow much either. He seems like too much of a smooth talker. Why, I have the mind to send him an E-mail and give him a piece of my mind right now.

Until next time!


The Codger


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  1. Hey Codger: I heard that tripe about we shouldn’t boycott BP because they’d go bankrupt, and anyway, we would only be hurting the local franchisers. I’m sorry to hurt the local franchisers, but I cannot buy any oil that I know comes from BP. They are not fit to call themselves part of the human race, and if it means some locals will go out of business, I am sorry, but join the crowd. Half the country (I only exaggerate slightly), is out of work and bankrupt also. That horrible mess in the gulf is going to kill many more people due to the chemical pollution, especially when the hurricanes spread it around, and probably many species of migrating birds will become extinct when they try to stop their on their route. It all makes me very sick.


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