XX The Morning After XX w/ M-Fixie

Yo, your boy M-Fixie here. Represent! My Grandpa brought my cousin Tricia from Kansas over to my apartment yesterday. He said coming to my apartment counts as a field trip when ur homeschooled! He said that I was such an awesome teacher that I should try to teach you all what I taught Tricia. I said whatevs, it’s all good b/c I don’t have anything to do til they finish the work on my studio. I wanted to take them to my glassblowing studio so I could show Tricia how to blow glass, but it’s getting renovated to take out the asbestos. Instead, I introduced Tricia to the world of fixed gear bicycles. She said she never heard of a fixie before, so maybe they don’t have fixies in Kansas. Guess they’re too lame to know that fixies = LIFE! Good thing for her they’re all over the place here in Philly and in Europe, so I could teach her about the awesomeness of riding w/ no brakes. It’s like a sport, being able to harness all that power and looking totally sweet doing it.

I didn’t want Tricia to actually ride my bike b/c it’s new and she’s still an amateur, but I let her and my Grandpa watch me DOMINATE up and down the street. It was so sick. Then I got to teach Tricia about microbrews when Grandpa treated us to dinner in my hood. She’s not legal to drink yet but still, she needs to know the difference between an IPA and a lager for when she gets older. Seriously, how much would it suck if my own cousin turned into the kind of girl that drinks Bud Light at sorority parties, or Bud Light Lime? Don’t worry, I’m not gonna let that happen. I made sure to teach her how much cooler the girls that drink microbrews are. I def just taught the freshest. Field trip. Ever.
XX m-fixie XX


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