The Codger Buys a Trailer

A good morning to you, dear readers. Yesterday morning I was talking with my grandniece Tricia, and she had a grand idea. How appropriate “LOL”! She said it would be a good idea for me to invest in a trailer so we could all go camping together (myself, Tricia, my grandchildren Max and Fiona, and the common-law Mrs. Codger) and bond. That girl has quite a head on her shoulders, let me tell you. I would take advice from her any day of the week, because people like her always come out ahead. So we marched ourselves down to the recreational vehicle (R.V.) dealership to see their wares.

Of course, my Town And Country Van is starting to get older and I don’t know that I’d trust it on a long trip, so we had to look at trailers that the missus’ Caliber could tow…it’s a fast little car, mind you, but it doesn’t have the big engine like the Van has. We looked at a beautiful 26-foot trailer that had all the bells and whistles, including a section on the side that can pop out to make a bigger living room. It was a real beauty, I tell you.

I would have taken it on the spot, but the dealer said that he didn’t think our little Caliber could handle it. Fortunately, he noticed how much I liked the pop out room on the 26-footer and told me about a new kind of trailer that, instead of popping out, pops upward to expand. It’s called a “pop up trailer”. It’s small when you’re towing it, but when you want to camp in it, it expands to, I’d estimate about 300% of its size. You just have to turn a crank, like with the old cars.

I knew that this was the camper for me, so I signed on the dotted line, as they say, and towed it home with our new trailer hitch. I couldn’t be prouder. I parked it behind the house so the neighbor kids don’t try to tamper with it. F$#king b@st@rds, always tampering with my stuff. Parents today turn a blind eye to their kids’ bad behavior in the bat of an eye. It wasn’t like that 20, 30 years ago. I was just about to ask Tricia when she would like to schedule our big camping trip when I noticed she had sent me a text message saying that she was out with her new friends. That’s how young people prefer to communicate these days: texting. I sent her a response message to ask her when she wants to go camping, and she says the last weekend of June works for her. Can’t wait! It’ll be just like an episode of the TV program “Wagon Train”, except I’ll make an effort to remedy the errors of the past by making peace with any Native Americans we come across.

Until next time!


The Codger


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