Spending Quality Time with Tricia

Hello again, dear readers. How are you doing? Things are going fine here. Yesterday, my grandniece Tricia told me that some of her luggage got stolen when she was disembarking the Greyhound she took here; by the time she got off the bus, someone had walked off with it, and it had a lot of her clothing in it. She’s been living here a whole week already, but I think I know the reason she didn’t tell me until yesterday: Her parents didn’t give her a lot of money for her summer semester with The Codger, and she was too ashamed to ask me to buy her some new clothes.

Well I won’t have any ward of The Codger wanting for a basic necessity like clothing, so I took Tricia to the shopping mall right away. As a young adult, I feel that it’s important to let her make her own decisions, so I let her go to the stores she wanted and use my Visa. We went to the Hot Topic store, where she got several t-shirts and some shorts, along with some costume jewelry and a pair of boots. The prices there I thought were very reasonable. We also went to Zumie’z. There they sell sweatshirts that have hoods. The kids call them “hoodies” now, but they’re charging $39 for them. $39 for a hooded sweatshirt with writing all over it, and it’s made in China! I thought that was ridiculous. With prices like that, I told Tricia she would be better off back at the Hot Topic store, but she really liked the Zumie ones, so she stood her ground and got some. Good for her! She’s got gumption, just like her granduncle! She also told me she hates Abercrombie & Finch’s, that store that smells like cologne just walking past it, so we didn’t have to go in there, thankfully.

Walking around, I noticed a lot of stores advertising that they sell “Webkinz”. I kept thinking to myself, “What are Webkinz?” I hadn’t the slightest idea, but Tricia taught me that they’re a kind of stuffed animal that you interact with on the Internet. I’m so glad that I’m learning as much from her as she’s learning from me. I’ll save you the details of how we got escorted out of the electronics shop (which I won’t name here) for breaking too much of the merchandise. If they didn’t want people to play with it, they shouldn’t keep it out on display like that. Seems like common sense to me.

Until next time!


The Codger


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