Get Up Under the Girders in the Basement

Good morning, my fine readership. I hope you are all safe after those storms yesterday and the day before. There weren’t any tornadoes in my neighborhood, but a tornado watch was issued for my area. When I heard that there was a tornado watch, my first thought was, “Get up under the girders”. That quote is from one of the earliest viral videos back in ’91. Most people originally saw it back then on that video search engine we all watched before YouTube took off like a rocket—I can’t remember the name of it anymore. Anyhow, it looks like YouTube must’ve bought the rights to it:

The sage cameraman in the video made it crystal clear that getting up under the girders was the only option. But while he may have been sage, he was also wrong. AAA and the National Weather Association made a slide show to prove it. Be reasonable: Who are you going to trust, one rogue TV cameraman or two respectable organizations? The slide show’s main point is that too many people paid attention to that one cameraman and abandoned their homes during tornadoes to seek shelter under the nearest overpass. But when they got to the overpass, there were already too many other people there. And there were also no girders to get up under, because most bridges don’t have girders! Just goes to show you how wrong the media is (this blog excluded). I guess now we know why all those bridges are collapsing everywhere: No girders.

They need to make a new viral video about tornado safety with a new slogan: “Get up under the girders in the basement”. If people can be made to think there are girders in the basement, their natural inclination will be to go right for them. I spent all day in the basement yesterday, and I realized how much better it is than under an overpass, tornado or not. I hope that you’ll instinctively remember that new slogan we talked about the next time a tornado watch hits.

Until next time!


The Codger


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ahoy! I like your style and your blog. Just letting you know. I’ll be back for more.


  2. Visiting again. Entertaining! Check out Crabby Old Fart ( The blog is as hilarious as it is cogent. Kind of like here at The Codger.


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